Virtual Honeynet: Deploying Honeywall using VMware



Faiz Ahmad Shuja

Pakistan Honeynet Project

Last Modified:October, 2006


In following papers our goal is to have a Honeywall based Virtual Honeynet on a single physical computer. We will have all virtual honeypots routed through honeywall using VMware. These guides will assist you in deploying the required Honeynet. We will describe how to setup VMware and install your honeypots and secondly we will describe how to install and configure the Honeywall CDROM. The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance have released two versions of the Honeywall CDROM. The first version Eeyore was released in May, 2003 and was based on GenII technology. The new version Roo was released in May, 2005 and is based on GenIII technology. We have covered detailed installation of both CDROMs in following papers.